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Wheaton Sex Crime LawyerSexual offenses involving children are taken very seriously in Illinois and elsewhere. In some cases, a person could face criminal charges even if they have no face-to-face contact with their alleged victim. This may be the case if a person is charged with online solicitation of a minor. Communicating with a child in an online chat room, sending emails or text messages, requesting sexually explicit photos, or other similar actions could result in an arrest and a criminal charge, and a person could be looking at multiple years in prison, heavy fines, and other consequences if they are convicted. Understanding the exact definition of this charge and the potential penalties is important for anyone who could be accused of this offense.

Indecent Solicitation and Online Solicitation of a Minor

In Illinois, the criminal charge of "indecent solicitation of a child" applies to any situation where an adult over the age of 17 attempts to contact a child under the age of 17 and encourages them to engage in sexual conduct. A "solicitation" may include requests made of a child, authorization to engage in certain behavior, commands given to a child, or advice that a child take certain actions. A solicitation may be considered indecent if a person would be encouraging the child to engage in an act of sexual penetration or other sexual conduct, and this act would be considered sexual assault or criminal sexual abuse.

While indecent solicitation of a child may include any situation that meets the definitions described above, the offense of "solicitation to meet a child" specifically applies to situations where a person is accused of using an electronic device such as a computer or smartphone to communicate with a child and attempt to meet with them in person without the knowledge of the child's parent or guardian. The law states that this offense will apply in any situation where the alleged offender intends to meet with a child for a reason other than a lawful purpose. If a person is communicating with a child in secret and encouraging them to meet an adult without their parent's knowledge, they will likely be considered to have an intent to commit a sexual offense.


IL defense lawyerSex crimes are considered by most people to be some of the most egregious crimes a person can commit. This makes being falsely accused of a sex crime even more devastating to the accused person. If you were charged with sexual assault, you may be facing severe criminal and personal consequences.

In Illinois, sexual assault is a Class 1 felony offense punishable by up to 15 years in prison. If certain aggravating factors are present, such as the possession of a firearm during the alleged attack, the offense is elevated to a Class X felony. Aggravated sexual assault is punishable by a maximum of 30 years behind bars.

Fortunately, criminal defendants have certain rights afforded to them by state and federal law. The first step in defending yourself against false allegations is to understand and invoke these rights.


Illinois sex crimes defense attorneySex crimes are considered to be some of the most heinous acts, and they are already harshly punished. Yet legislators, activists, and survivors are all working (in their own ways) to toughen up the current statutes in Illinois. What might this mean for those who have allegedly committed such crimes? The following explains how proposed bills and a federal grant may change the face of sex crimes in Illinois.

Federal Grant to Strengthen Current Policies and Procedures

In August of 2016, Governor Bruce Rauner signed a new law that is aimed at strengthening current policies and procedures for sex crimes. Included in this effort is a $750,000 federal grant that will reportedly be used to train first responders and dispatchers on how to encourage sex crime victims to come forward and press charges. The law also made Illinois the first state to mandate the testing of any submitted rape test kit, and it addressed some of the obstacles that the state faces when it comes to completing those tests in a timely manner. What does this mean for those accused of a sex crime?


Defining Sexual Assault in Illinois

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sexual assault in Illinois, DuPage County criminal law attorneySexual assault is not defined as just rape or forced sexual activity. There are several types of sex crimes that one can be accused of. Also, some people are all too aware that accusations of sexual assault can lead to serious legal consequences and even ruin someone's life. It is important to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney if you have been falsely charged with a sex crime.

Different Types of Sexual Assault

One form of sexual assault is acquaintance or date rape. This is sexual assault perpetrated between two people who know each other. They were perhaps out together with the understanding that their relationship had the potential to move in the direction of physical intimacy.


Online Solicitation of a Minor

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Online Solicitation of a Minor, DuPage criminal defense lawyerThe days of luring a child into an unmarked van as a parent’s greatest fear when it comes to the sexual exploitation of children are long over. A groundbreaking study by the University of New Hampshire revealed that an astounding 13 percent of young people were sexually solicited by an adult online—and that not all these adults were necessarily classified as "online predators."

An online predator is someone who acts on the solicitation, who seeks sex, for example, with a minor or who attempts to meet with the minor in person. Online solicitation, conversely, is the act of convincing a young person to chat online about sex or to share personal or vulgar information, such as a bra size, for example.

Internet Sex Crimes

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