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Speeding Through School Zones

Posted on in Traffic Violation

speeding school zone, DuPage County traffic lawyerSchool zones pose specific dangers for drivers on the road. No matter what state, driving through a school zone will require the driver to slow down considerably when school is in session, and also require the driver to be aware of and adhere to other driving laws as well. School zones were established in an effort to make the area surrounding the school safer for children walking around the premises. In many instances, school zone laws may seem archaic, as very rarely do children walk to school anymore—though the laws regarding school zones are very much still in effect.

Illinois Laws on Speeding

In Illinois, the law requires that all drivers slow down to 20 miles per hour when driving through a school zone. This stipulation is in effect from 7am until 4pm, when school is in session, though Illinois allows that drivers do not have to slow all the way down to 20 mph if all the children are inside the building for classes.

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