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Illinois Senate Approves Revenge Porn Bill

Posted on in Cyberbullying

If you are feeling bitter about a recent breakup, you may want to think carefully before using the Internet to act on those feelings. A common breakup tactic known as revenge porn may soon be considered a computer crime, and a form of harassment and cyberbullying.

According to The DePaulia, on Thursday, February 27, the Illinois State Senate unanimously approved a bill that would criminalize posting sexually explicit photos or videos of another person to the Internet without that person's consent. The bill will now head to the House, and it is expected to be approved.

In addition to making revenge porn a felony offense, the bill also criminalizes charging fees in order to remove the images from a website. The maximum penalty for these offenses, under the bill as it is currently written, would be a $25,000 fine and up to three years in prison. Judges would have the discretion to set lesser penalties.

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