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Wheaton Expungement Attorney - Illinois

Wheaton Expungement Lawyer

Lawyer for Record Sealing in Cook, DuPage, and Kane County

Stephen A. Brundage, Attorney at Law, located in Wheaton, Illinois, is a highly reputable law firm that provides clients with strong, supportive and aggressive criminal defense representation. Although you may have been charged with a criminal offense that has the potential to show up in public records and background checks, it is possible to seal or expunge your criminal records.

As a former police officer with more than 30 years of legal experience in the criminal justice system, I have provided clients throughout DuPage, Cook and Kane County, Illinois with knowledgeable legal counsel. Many opportunities exist for individuals to erase their criminal records from public view through the expungement process, if they are eligible.

If you or someone you know is seeking expungement in Wheaton or DuPage, Cook and Kane counties, contact Stephen A. Brundage, Attorney at Law for a free initial consultation. I will provide you with the necessary information and legal guidance you need to help with any concerns you may have regarding the expungement process.

It is Not Too Late - Expungement Attorney Representation is Available

Obtaining arrest records on your behalf takes time and in order to effectively pursue closure of any criminal record, we must act immediately. I understand the correct procedures that need to be followed to obtain an Expungement Order. Every county in Illinois has different rules and different forms that are required. If you try to represent yourself, you may be turned down.

As a criminal defense attorney, I work to keep my clients informed every step of the way. I help take the guesswork out of the expungement process so that you will have a satisfactory outcome.

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If you are looking for a fresh start, contact the office of Stephen A. Brundage, Attorney at Law for a free initial consultation to see if you qualify for expungement. Call 630-260-9647 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your legal options. We help clients in Wheaton, Lombard, Carol Stream, Aurora, DuPage County, Kane County, and the surrounding areas.

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