What our clients are saying...

AVVO By Andre

Everything went very smooth. Ticket got dismissed and I was out of court room in 20 minutes. It is over now and I am trying to drive safer. Thank you Mr. Brundage.

AVVO By Tom Reinhofer

Mr. Brundage represented my son and we were very happy with the dismaissal of his case. Mr. Brundage is very thorough and leaves no stone unturned. His professional demeanor and commitment to his clients both in his explanations of the process and his slient communications put him in the top of most lawyers I have dealth with previously. I would have no problem hiring hiom again if needed or referring him to others.

AVVO By Michael Herman

Friends had given me names of two other attorneys that have represented them in similar cases while I found Stephen Brundage on the Internet. I placed calls to all three lawyers, receiving all of their voicemails. Within minutes of receiving Stephen's voicemail, he returned my call. Stephen was the only lawyer that returned my call. Over the phone, Stephen was polite and confident in regards to what my options were and how he would represent me. So I scheduled a meeting with him that afternoon. Mr. Brundage was prompt, very polite and respectful of my situation. When it came to the questions I had, he was very thorough and explained all possible scenarios with each step of the process. He is confident and knowledgeable of all people within the court system. Needles to say, Stephen put me at ease.

Stephen called me the day before court to update me, tell me what time and where to meet him. His office took care of sending me updates within hours of my court hearings. On my court date, Stephen successfully negotiated the best possible outcome of my case within :15 minutes of the scheduled court time.

Stephen Brundage without question is the lawyer you want representing you. He is a highly competent and knowledgeable attorney. Without question Stephan will put forth his best efforts on your behalf. I would highly recommend Stephen if I knew someone who had a similar violation.

AVVO By Scott Jordan

Mr. Brundage, was an absolute god send. Professional, affordable, and most importantly Mr. Brundage was able to give me the best outcome regarding my case I could ask for. I cannot thank him enough for his work. Anyone seeking legal help, should look no further.

AVVO By Satisfied Client

Mr. Brundage has represented me on a couple occasions, ranging from minor traffics violations to a more serious misdemeanor charge. Each time, he clearly communicated to me the possible outcomes, and in the end, was able to get me a better result than I expected. He definitely knows his stuff and knows what he is doing. Also, when you leave him a message, he calls you right back. Very professional. I would not hesitate to hire him again, and I would definitely recommend him to others.

AVVO By Martyna Lach

Attorney Brundage was a blessing. He was kind, professional, and most importantly successful in helping me handle multiple speeding tickets. I am under 21 and I was at risk of losing my license. However it was no problem for attorney Brundage to end the case in my favor with minimal fees. I would recommend him to all friends and family and I will seek his help in any possible future instances. He is knowledgeable and effective.

AVVO By Roberta Weimer

Thank you for your kindness and professionalism in representing my son for his driving violations. Outstanding job!

AVVO By Justin Weigt

Stephen was professional and polite and was able to help me with a serious speeding offence. I would highly recommend Stephen's services to anyone.

AVVO By John Godishq

Steve was extremely professional and took time to answer any questions regarding my case. He was able to achieve a very favorable outcome for a speeding ticket that saved me a large sum of money, time, and headaches. I wouldn't hesitate to hire him again or refer to friends. he did an outstanding job.

AVVO By Worried Mom

I am so happy for the court outcome today for my son. I have been worrying about this for a month. You did a great job and I will be sure to refer you to anyone who needs help like my son did. I will be able to sleep tonight thanks to your expertise.

AVVO By Satisfied Client

Mr. Brundage conducted a thorough investigation of the case facts, clearly explained all possible scenarios, communicated each step of the process, quickly responded to questions by phone and email, was prepared for each court appearance, and successfully negotiated the best possible outcome! We highly recommend Mr. Brundage's legal services!

AVVO By Chad Morris

I had a relatively minor traffic ticket that was important for me to have removed from my record. I have approximately zero experience with legal matters and Stephen was extraordinarily patient with me, explaining how the process works and maintaining outstanding communication from start to finish. Needless to say, he successfully had my violation removed. I cannot recommend him enough.

AVVO By A Very Thankful Client!

We are very thankful for Mr. Brundage's exceptional legal representation for our family member. He was thorough in his investigation and preparation, communicated clearly the process and all possible scenarios, and made every effort to successfully negotiate the best possible results. We cannot thank him enough for his understanding and assistance!

AVVO By Satisfied Client

I hired Mr. Brundage to assist a family member who was facing multiple serious felony charges. His knowledge of the law and his vast experience the court system was a extremely valuable asset in this situation. Using these talents, was able to pare down the case to a single charge. Again, calling on his skills and knowledge, he was able to get the sentence reduced to less than six months from what could have been over 25 years in a state institution. I highly recommend Mr. Brundage for any and all legal situations, including the toughest felony cases.

AVVO By Satisfied Client

Stephen did a great job of explaining my options to me and advising on me on how we could proceed. He handled everything related to my case professionally and expediently. He was very knowledgeable about the Du Page traffic court.

AVVO By Bruce Povalish

I had a VERY tough criminal case against me and Mr. Brundage spent countless hours working to find a way out. In the end I was found NOT guilty of a MAJOR charge. He knows the law, he knows the legal system and he knows how to use the court system!


Mr. Brundage came up with a strategy for an auto accident case that ended with all of my charges dismissed (& the amount of time spent from the beginning of the court session to dismissal of charges was less than 7 minutes)! A former police officer with 20 years of law experience - it is a winning combination.

AVVO By Satisfied Client

Steve answered calls and emails promptly and kept me in the loop about what was going on with my case. I was charged with speeding more than thirty miles an hour over the speed limit, but I was in and out of court in five minutes - Steve got the prosecutor to agree to a small fine and court supervision. I'm very happy with the result, and I'd recommend him to anyone.

AVVO By Satisfied Client

Steve was absolutely outstanding. It was crucial for my financial well being that the tickets be dismissed. He did a great job. Hopefully I will never need his services again but if I have another driving problem, I most definitely will.

AVVO By Satisfied Client

As for the outcome, Mr. Brundage got the prosecuting attorney to dismiss the 'Scott's Law" violation and court supervision for the lesser offense. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Mr. Brundage and I will use him again if I need to.

AVVO By Satisfied Client

I was facing two tickets, one of them being a 'Scott's Law" violation. After a screwy ordeal at the courthouse, Mr. Brundage DID NOT want to leave until the case was over and kept me calm during the whole process.

AVVO By Satisfied Client

I highly recommend Stephen Brundage. He has represented me concerning traffic tickets. He is very effective in getting the best possible outcome for you. Mr. Brundage provides timely and professional work. You are never burdened with double checking on the progress of your case. He is very personable, keeps you informed, listens to you, has fair fees, and, most importantly, does a good job for you.

AVVO By Susana

I would like to thank Mr. Brundage for his services. He was very professional and very knowledgable about how the court system works. Mr. Brundage also was very patient in answering all my questions, and perhaps even more important, he made the process as painless as possible. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone in need of a trustworthy attorney.

AVVO By Satisfied Client

Mr. Brundage represented me on two traffic tickets: one for "driving too close to a bicycle" and the other for "reckless driving." Neither citation was explained to me by the officer, who also took my drivers license as bond. Mr. Brundage was a true professional in his handling of the case; although we could never figure out why the tickets were issued in the first place, he was able to have both citations dismissed entirely and got my license back without any penalties. I agree with and will echo others' comments in that he was attentive, honest, available (always answered phone calls), openly communicative, and trustworthy. If anyone I know ever needs a lawyer, they are going straight to Mr. Brundage.

AVVO By David Obaidallah

I was facing two tickets. One being a "Scott's Law" violation. After a screwy ordeal at the courthouse regarding where we were supposed to go, Mr. Brundage DID NOT want to leave me and kept me calm during the whole process.

In regards to the case, Mr. Brundage got the prosecuting to dismiss the "Scott's Law" violation and supervision on the other. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND his services and I will use him again if necessary.

AVVO By Jim Acevedo

I would like to state that your service was great and that I will use you in any other legal matter that may arise in the future. You took the time to answer many questions and you went out of your way to make a bad situation into a manageable one. Thank you for your professionalism.

AVVO By Vu Nguyen

Mr. Steve, I would like to sincerely thank you for everything you have done for me as a client. You are a true profestional attorney with honesty and integrity.

I will never forget you. Thank you again

AVVO By Devon Healy

Stephen Brundage is one of those rare, endangered lawyers who actually answers his phone and is available immediately! He came to my rescue concerning an auto insurance issue, and was both quick to take action,and calmed my fears. He was able to expedite my problem with a very favorable outcome. We consulted with him on another matter, and he responded with integrity, actually being honest and assuring us that his services were not needed! Can you imagine that! He reminds me of Miracle on 34th Street..when Macy's told people where to go if they didn't have what they needed! You can trust Stephen to do the right thing and treat you with respect. I highly recommend him!

AVVO By Chris Long

If you need a divorce Steve Brundage is your attorney. He makes you feel at ease, answers all of your annoying questions and goes at the pace you want. He answers his phone and if he doesn't, returns your call promptly.

What I like most about Mr. Brundage is he has that "spunk" that you want in a lawyer. This guy will fight for you and he has answers to all of your concerns.

I would use Mr. Brundage again in a heartbeat.

AVVO By Satisfied Client

I was ticketed for doing 71mph in a 45mph construction zone and was a little fearful of what I might face in court. Steve was able to have the charge reduced to a simple speeding ticket with court supervision and a fine that was less than posted on the highway. I am very pleased with the favorable results that Mr. Brundage was able to achieve for me.

AVVO By Satisfied Client

Mr. Brundage is a true professional and unequivocally knows the law. From the time I placed the first call to him seeking counsel, I knew I made the right decision. He is always on time, extremely thorough, highly informative and very accommodating. Through the entire process, we were always made aware of our options and always treated with respect and sensitivity. I’ve hired attorneys in the past, but this is the first time I’ve really felt “represented.” I did not need to shoulder the burden or worry incessantly about the outcome; he did that for us and made the entire process very comfortable.

While I hope not to have a reason to be back in court, if I ever am, I’m bringing Mr. Brundage right along with me.

AVVO By Satisfied Client

I was facing 2 tickets , one being a scotts law violation. Stephen got one ticket dismissed, and the scotts law ticket a no convection with court supervision and a small fine. He saved me thousands of dollars and kept my driving record clean. Plus he called me immediately after the decision. A TOTAL PROFESSIONAL. I highly recommend him.

AVVO By Satisfied Client

Brundage kept me confident that he would do his best to take care of the violations at hand. He had the failure to yield dismissed and the speeding ticket was reduced to supervision. I paid the court fee and I was on my way. I was in and out within ten minutes.

AVVO By Satisfied Client

87 in a 45 MPH construction zone got changed to non-construction zone and court supervision with $400 fine. Nothing will even go on my record! The best that you could hope for. Also, Stephen was the first lawyer in line and had the sentence reduction arranged with the prosecutor before I could even find him in the court room. I was the first case and out of there in literally 5 minutes. He also gave me advice for free on another violation I had after the initial "big" ticket. What a Pro!

AVVO By Satisfied Client

Stephen helped me defend a construction zone speeding violation. He was honest and accurate with his advice. He did what he promised. Nice to deal with.

AVVO By Satisfied Client

Stephen Brundage really walked me through the process. If I had tried to fight my ticket on my own it probably would have cost me over $1,000 in fees in the end and still gone on my driving record. Take an advocate to court with you -- it's worth it. A construction zone ticket was amended to a regular speeding ticket for which I received supervision.

Stephen Brundage was both knowledgeable and professional. In my case, I am pleased with the results.

AVVO By Satisfied Client

Let me start by saying that I found Stephen Brundage on this very website. It seemed to me that he was recommended so I'd figure I'd give him a call and ask him some questions. I placed several calls to different lawyers, receiving all of their voicemails.

Within minutes of receiving Stephen's voicemail, he returned my call. As I was talking to him, our call was disconnected a couple of times. Stephen was persistent in returning my calls to get to the bottom of my issue. He was incredibly prompt, helpful and honest. He was also very polite when it came to the questions I had, and he seemed very confident in what he thought the outcome of my court case would be.

Stephen's office took care of everything, from monitoring my court date, appearing in court on my behalf and sending me updates. On the court date, I was notified of the favorable outcome of my case within 20 minutes of the scheduled court time.

I would highly recommend Stephen if I knew someone who had a traffic violation similar in nature to the one I received (speeding excessively).

AVVO By Satisfied Client

Mr. Brundage represented me for 3 traffic violations and was able to get 2 dropped and court supervision for the third. He was very friendly and professional. He explained the process and ruling completely so that I understood. I felt very confident having Mr. Brundage as my lawyer.

AVVO By Satisfied Client

Mr. Brundage was an excellent lawyer, I would definitely use him again. I had 4 traffic tickets within one week of each other and he was able to get 3 of the tickets dismissed and the other 1 as a court supervision.