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Possession of a controlled substance like crack cocaine (“rock cocaine”), mushrooms, methamphetamine, heroin, powder cocaine (“blow”) or ecstasy can result in incarceration in jail or state prison, substantial fines and a criminal record. While conviction of possession of any quantity of a controlled substance can result in severe penalties, you may be charged with the much more serious offense of intent to deliver (referred to as “intent to distribute” in many states) if you possess sufficient quantities of a controlled substance. Intent to deliver carries far harsher penalties than simple possession.

At the DuPage County law firm of Stephen A. Brundage, I am committed to providing zealous criminal defense to those charged with serious drug offenses. I have represented thousands of clients charged with the full gamut of criminal offenses from simple possession of a small quantity of marijuana to drug trafficking of large quantities of cocaine. While there are many high quality criminal defense attorneys in Chicagoland and the surrounding areas, my experience as a former police officer and forensic technician means that I have an insider’s understanding of law enforcement investigations. When evaluating law enforcement reports and analyzing law enforcement procedures, I rely on this unique background to identify improper police tactics.

Drug Possession with Intent to Distribute

Under Illinois law, the drug offense of “intent to deliver” involves possession of a quantity of a controlled substance that reveals an intent to sell or distribute a drug. The penalty for the felony drug offense of intent to deliver is based on the amount of the drug in an individual’s possession. Possession of 15-100 grams of cocaine, for example, constitutes a Class X felony. If you are convicted of a Class X felony the judge cannot give you probation because this is classified as a “non-probationable” offense. The offense carries a mandatory minimum period of incarceration of six years and a maximum of thirty years.

When you are facing a charge of possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance, the state’s evidence and law enforcement procedures must be carefully analyzed. A determine must be made about whether you should precede to trial or try to negotiate a plea reduction to a charge that does not carry a mandatory minimum sentence, so that probation is an option. While I am always prepared to provide a zealous defense at trial, my goal is to obtain the best possible outcome for my clients whether at trial or through a negotiated disposition.

Speak with a Proven Drug Crimes Defense Attorney

As a former law enforcement officer, I have seen both sides of controlled substance cases, so I understand what it takes to successfully attack the prosecutor’s case. If you have been arrested for possession with intent to deliver in Wheaton or elsewhere in DuPage County, you should immediately assert your right to an attorney and avoid talking to the police. Contact Stephen A. Brundage today, so I can start fighting for you tomorrow. Call 630-260-9647.

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