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Do You Qualify for an Expungement?

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Cook County expungement attorneyHaving an arrest on your record is more than just embarrassing; it can impact your ability to find employment and housing. Expunging your record can help you work around these issues and may even give you an opportunity to pursue an overall better quality of life. Learn more about record expungement, including how to determine if you qualify, how to take the first step, and where to find help.

Do You Qualify?

Not everyone qualifies for expungement. To be eligible for expungement, you may not have any pending charges against you. Additionally, the disposition of your case must read:


background checks, criminal history, Illinois Defense LawyerAs mentioned briefly in a previous post, legislation went into effect this year in Illinois aimed to help job-seekers overcome past mistakes by limiting background checks in the application process. Last summer, the Job Opportunities for Qualified Applicants Act was signed by then-governor Pat Quinn. The law restricts employers or their agents from checking an applicant’s criminal history prior to a determination that the applicant is qualified for the position. Illinois is now the fifth state in the nation to have passed such a law.

For employers who conduct interviews, the new law means a criminal background check may not be conducted on an applicant before he or she is extended an interview offer. An employer who forgoes the interview process must make a conditional offer of employment prior to inquiring about an applicant’s criminal history. The law applies to private employers with fifteen or more employees. Illinois law already prohibits government agencies from inquiring about an applicant’s criminal history on initial job applications.

Ban the Box in Illinois

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