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New Illinois Prison Early Release Program To Go In Effect

 Posted on January 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

Under certain circumstances, some inmates can be released early by the Illinois Department of Corrections.  The prison gets to decide whether or not some inmates can be released after serving at least 60 days of their sentence.   This new law is really the resurrection of a previous program that allowed early release.    However, the previous early-release program did not require a minimum period of incarceration of at least 60 days.      Some inmates were being released within weeks or days of their initial period of incarceration.   The earlier law was stopped about three years ago because it was being abused.

The new law mandates that an inmate serve at least 60 days of the sentence.  After 60 days, the Illinois Department of Corrections may allow early release, but is required to look at several factors, such as the crime committed, previous history, etc...

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