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Is a Trap by Police Legal?

 Posted on November 22, 2023 in Drug Crimes

IL defense lawyerIllegal drug activities pose a significant threat in Illinois, leading to numerous fatalities each year. In response, law enforcement uses various strategies to curb the production and distribution of illicit substances, such as drug busts. If you or a family member has been the target of something like this, you should be aware of your rights and get legal help quickly. A seasoned criminal defense lawyer can try to help protect your rights and build a strong defense against any charges you may be facing.

Would I Have a Case If Caught in an Undercover Operation?

Sometimes, undercover officers will pretend to be people looking to buy illegal drugs. After the deal goes down, the officers reveal their true identity and make arrests. While these tactics are legal in Illinois, they can become questionable when officers are using deception to catch criminal suspects. While sting operations involve creating opportunities for individuals to do things that are against the law, entrapment usually happens if an officer forces someone to break the law and do something they normally would not.

Do I Have Rights if Police Tricked Me?

 Under Illinois law, police officers have to limit their use of deceptive tactics, especially during interrogations involving minors. While police deception remains legal to some extent, these restrictions are in place to protect the rights of people and to ensure there is a fair and legal process.

 You could build a strong defense in Illinois if you are able to show the following two key elements:

  • The government, through law enforcement officers, must have persuaded or pressured a person to commit the crime.
  • The person must show that they were not inclined to commit the criminal act but were swayed by the actions of a police officer.

Could I have A Legal Case Against Police?

 Law enforcement is allowed to use undercover operations to catch individuals involved in criminal activities. However, if the actions of law enforcement go beyond providing an opportunity and involve coercing or persuading an otherwise unwilling person to commit a crime, then you may have a good defense.

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