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Illinois Liquor Control Kicks Off Fall Campaign to Decrease Underage Drinking

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The Illinois Liquor Control Commission has used the high school football season as a launch site for a program targeting underage drinking. The program includes educational materials for Your Actions Matter, recognizing that fall sports events are a popular place for teens to be introduced to alcohol. Drinking underage or providing alcohol to minors can have serious consequences for your future, and if you’re been charged with either of these, you need the assistance of an underage drinking criminal attorney.

The program includes cooperation from school districts, law enforcement, parents, local elected officials, and other relevant community leaders to come together and raise awareness about adults who think it’s acceptable to provide alcohol to minors. Illinois law classifies this activity as a Class A misdemeanor with a minimum $500 fine and possible jail time.

The campaign is using posters, signs, window decals, and necktags to make the statement that preventing underage drinking is everyone's responsibility. Those individuals under the age of 21 who purchase alcohol for themselves or others face legal punishments in the form of revoked driving privileges. Examples include 3-month suspension of driving privileges for court supervision, 6 months for a first conviction, 1 year for a second conviction, and a revoked license for any additional convictions.

It’s also illegal to transport alcohol in a vehicle when the individual is under the age of 21. Anyone in the vehicle can be hit with a $1,000 fine, and the driver will face a mandatory driver’s license suspension for a period of one year just for a first offense. If you've been charged with any of these violations, you need an attorney who will inform you about what to expect and represent you passionately. Don’t let an underage drinking charge ruin your life- reach out to discuss your options with a Wheaton criminal law attorney.

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