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Domestic Violence Accusations Can Damage Your Reputation

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Domestic Violence Accusations Can Damage Your ReputationDomestic violence charges brought against you can be resolved with little or no legal consequences. Prosecutors may drop the case due to a lack of evidence or a court may find you not guilty of the charge. Unfortunately, accusations of domestic violence can be enough to damage your reputation. Some people will jump to conclusions about your character without knowing the facts of the case. Even if you are never convicted, they may decide that you must have been guilty of some wrongdoing because you were charged. Clear vindication from your domestic violence accusations is the best way to restore your reputation.

Lack of Privacy

It can be nearly impossible to keep knowledge of domestic violence charges against you private:

  • Your work may require you to tell them about any criminal charges against you;
  • Your court appearances will likely interfere with your work and social schedule;
  • Your accuser will likely talk to friends and family about it; and
  • An order of protection may force you to find another place to live.

Most people will not know the intimate details of your case. They hear that you are accused of domestic violence and create the mental image of a battered spouse. Once they form this bias, it can be difficult to convince them of the truth.

Rush to Judgment

Some people may decide to punish you without letting the legal system determine your guilt or innocence. Depending on the protections employees have at your workplace, your employer may attempt to fire you or take away job responsibilities that you need for your career advancement. Friends and family may shun you, deciding to take your accuser’s side. These people may try to reconcile with you after you have been proven innocent. However, the damage to your personal and working relationships may be irreversible.

Parental Rights

If you are in the process of a divorce, a domestic violence accusation can affect your child custody rights, which Illinois calls the allocation of parental responsibilities. A divorce court does not need a criminal conviction to hold the accusation against you. The court divides parenting time based on the best interest of the children. A parent can behave in a way that does not qualify as domestic violence but still makes him or her seem like a bad parent. However, the divorce court may rule in your favor if it determines that your spouse fabricated the allegations against you.

Protecting Your Reputation

The only way to repair the damage to your reputation after domestic violence accusations is to tell people that the accusations were proven false. A DuPage County criminal defense attorney at Stephen A. Brundage, Attorney at Law, can gather evidence that shows that the charges against you are unfounded. Schedule an appointment by calling 630-260-9647.


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