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Defending Against Criminal Charges Resulting From a Drug Bust

 Posted on December 06, 2022 in Drug Crimes

DuPage County drug crimes defense lawyerIn October, at least 10 individuals were charged with drug trafficking after an undercover investigation in Chicago found evidence that the individuals were allegedly planning to distribute fentanyl-laced heroin. The probe, which took several years to complete, involved wiretapped conversations, undercover narcotics purchases, and other covert operations.

Sting operations like these often raise questions about the line between our rights as citizens and police authority. Police are legally allowed to lie to suspects, misrepresent themselves, and conduct undercover investigations involving drug purchases. However, police may not “induce” or persuade an individual to commit a crime. If you or a loved one are facing drug charges after an undercover operation, investigation, or drug bust, it is crucial that you understand your rights and options.

Understanding Entrapment

Have you ever heard the myth that a police officer has to tell you he is a police officer if you ask him or her directly? This myth is often portrayed in popular television shows and movies, including Breaking Bad. However, there is no truth to this myth. Police officers have the right to lie about who they are, exaggerate the evidence against a suspect, and use deceptive interrogation tactics to gather information about an alleged crime.

Undercover operations in which an officer pretends to be someone else are not entrapment. Entrapment occurs when law enforcement forces or coerces someone into committing a crime that he or she would otherwise not have committed. Although it is rarely successful, entrapment is sometimes a viable defense against criminal charges. The defendant would need to prove that he was induced to commit the crime and would not have committed the crime if police had not encouraged him or her to do so.

Building a Strong Defense Case Against Drug Charges

If you or someone you care about was recently charged with a drug-related crime in connection with a sting operation or drug bust, it is crucial to reach out to an experienced criminal defense lawyer right away. A skilled attorney will be able to evaluate the circumstances of the arrest and build a defense strategy. There may also be the possibility of a plea agreement in which you plead guilty to a lesser offense and greatly reduce the criminal penalties you face.

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