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Wheaton juvenile crimes defense attorneyIf your son or daughter has been accused of a crime, he or she will probably need to face trial but not in an adult criminal court. For minors ages 17 and younger, DuPage County has a robust juvenile court system. They take every crime committed by young people very seriously. From relatively minor crimes such as theft or traffic violations to much more serious offenses like underage drinking, DUI, drug possession, and sexual assault,  juvenile offenses in Illinois have the potential to threaten the future of your son or daughter’s life.

Fortunately, in Illinois, despite a strict juvenile court system, the objective is still rehabilitation as opposed to punishment. Nearly everyone involved in the process is looking to help the accused get back on track after the follies of their youth or other lapses in judgment attributed to immaturity as a young person. However, that is not to say that your son or daughter should not have the appropriate representation from a juvenile defense attorney during their trial. Here are some reasons why the right lawyer during a juvenile defense case is critical.

Why Having an Attorney Matters

If you hire the right lawyer to represent your son or daughter in juvenile court, you and your child can benefit in the following ways:


booster bag, shoplifting, Illinois Criminal Defense LawyerWhen most people think about shoplifting, the first thing that comes to mind may be a young person slipping a candy bar or other small item into his or her pocket and walking out of a store. While such a scenario certainly does represent a common form of retail theft, the reality is that shoplifting has evolved into a much more advanced problem. It frequently involves people of all ages and increasingly complex tools and techniques designed to help them illegally obtain merchandise without paying full retail price. One of these tools is called a booster bag and the use of such bags is becoming a large problem for retailers in the battle against shoplifting.

In many retail establishments, most items, and particularly those that are likely to stolen, are tagged with some sort of security device. The device is paired with a detector stationed near the store exits that identify still-active devices on merchandise before it leaves the store. Many security tags are hidden in packaging or affixed to an item in such a way that makes it difficult for a would-be thief to remove without being noticed or permanently damaging the product. Obviously, this is intentional and, in many cases, provides a decent level of protection against theft.

More determined thieves, however, are starting to come prepared. By bringing a booster bag with them into the store, they are looking to defeat loss prevention efforts and get the merchandise they want, regardless of security tags. A booster bag can be any container, but is often a shopping bag, purse or backpack, that is lined with aluminum or other type of foil aimed at hampering the security tag detection system at the store's exit. The foil creates a barrier between the tagged item inside and the detector, often allowing a shoplifter to walk out without sounding an alarm. As one might imagine, the possibilities for a losses in a particular store can be significant as a booster bag could potentially hold a large amount of illicit merchandise.